Vapours App for Apple iOS Devices

Unfortunately Apple have recently decided that they will no longer be hosting Vape related apps in their app store. We do however have a solution for iOS so you can still access our Vapestore app on your iPhone/iPad. Just follow the instructions below for access:

  1. Open the Safari internet browser on your iPhone/iPad. The icon you need to click on your device is shown below.

  2. Type in the following web address: This will take you to the web hosted version of our app. 
  3. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see an icon in the middle of the toolbar showing an arrow pointing out from a square (see below). Tap this button.
  4. An options menu should now be displayed. Simply select the “Add To Homescreen” option as shown below.

  5. This will add the Vapours app icon to your device and you can run the web hosted version of our app anytime by simply clicking the icon.